Virgin Islands Relief Fund: To effectively respond to the rescue, relief, and rebuilding needs of the Virgin Islands, and focus on building a sustainable infrastructure for the Future.



To aid and assist with the immediate relief and extraction of injured residents of the Virgin Islands following natural disaster. After the damage was assessed by our teams of first responders, we facilitated the evacuation of the critically injured and people in need, a number which grows daily. 


Processed, cataloged and moved over 400,000 pounds of donated relief supplies to be distributed by our organization and contacts on the ground in the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Using our resources to assist in air and sea transportation, delivering the most needed supplies for relief efforts in a timely manner greatly increases the production and forward progress of cleaning and starting to rebuild the islands. 


By providing the capital to rebuild local schools, businesses, and homes, we can get the residents of the Virgin Islands back to a normal daily routine. We are working tirelessly on find alternative energy solutions that will further the development of our infrastructure and prevent the extensive damage to our power grid and infrastructure in the face of future natural disaster. With help from private and corporate donors, we are striving to stimulate the economy by introducing funding into the most critical industries on our islands to bring tourism back to the region in a timely manner.